He’s what so called breastfeeding father!
Love you,



3 thoughts on “Sweet!

  1. leonyhalim says:

    Dear Dhira…. or should I call you Mbak Dhira ? Udah punya buntut dua soalnya. I’m paying a visit to your blog nihhhh ! Congratulations on being a mother of two and still look fabulous even on your 37th week of pregnancy (barusan abis scroll down liat foto yang itu hahahaha). Btw, itu lilypie-nya si Adek Lemon, udah 41 weeks pregnancy! hahahaha…. Mgkn udah harus diganti jadi umurnya si Adek ya :D.

    • dhira rahman says:

      Haai Leony!
      Iyaa, hadeuh been busy this last 3 weeks!
      Dhira ajaa, i’m still 27y.o maklum kawin muda hahahahaha
      Thank you leony!

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