My kind of sweetness


Zua passed half of this semester with flying number so I and his ayah decide to gave him something, and he ask for : franklin’s books and gift card (apple gift card for his iPad).

Today i check his ipad and i found that he already spent 35rb for “bob the builder”, i don’t even know if he likes it! And i ask him why he bought the app…

“Imii suka main puzzlenya bob jadi abang beliin aja”

Please be my forever sweet baby 😘😘


8 thoughts on “My kind of sweetness

  1. danirachmat says:

    semoga semakin pinter ya Zua. hihihi. itu bisa ya langsung beli app..

  2. jampang says:

    semoga jadi anak yang sholeh. aamiin

  3. bemzkyyeye says:

    Aww Zuaaa.. sayang adek sekali 😀

  4. silvi says:

    so sweet ya abang zua 🙂 sayang adek nya…

  5. Roro Wilis says:

    Abang.. kamu ituuh.. *mewek* selalu bikin bangga bundamu..

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